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Located in Phillipsport, Sullivan County, New York, Poplar Grove Cemetery has been serving the Community since the early 1800s and officially incorporated in 1867.

Below is a shortlist that those who have family in the Cemetery can provide to aide in the research underway to help with updating the Cemetery records. We are also working with the Mamakating Historical Society for the preservation of these records and making them available online.


Any documentation such as:

  • Obituaries
  • Burial Records or Death Certificates (or birth and death dates)
  • Family Tree information
  • Copies of Original Deeds for the Cemetery
  • Photos of family members buried in the cemetery
  • Anything else that you feel might be helpful in documenting a plot

The hope is that we can get help from family members to accurately update the database as well as build a legacy for those family members doing research down the road.


Thank You

Poplar Grove Cemetery Assoc.

Plots Available


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We continue to update our Website and Records and appreciate any help from family members of those buried at Poplar Grove.

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Poplar Grove Cemetery Association

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July 1, 2017

July 1, 2017

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